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Welcome on my online portfolio!
Hereunder you can find a brief overview of what I do.
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Illustration is a vast and charming world! My education in fine art gave me several creative and design benefits which enlarge my competence as illustrator and graphic designer.

I realize editorial illustration, folders for books, magazines and musical albums. I design decorations, settings and characters. My style ranges from pencil sketching to hyperrealistic vector art, from digital printing to traditional ink art. On technical versant I realize icons and other elements for several digital platforms such as software, web sites, mobile videos and app, maps and infographics.

Graphic Design

I project and make layout of any kind of graphic element: brochures, flyers, leaflets, posters, dépliants but also more structured tools such as books, magazines and catalogues, or even more voluminous objects like stands, showcases, banners and other several equipments.

I have a long experience in managing different printing technologies,  but not all graphic must be exported in physical supports, so I am the right one if you also need graphic materials, picture adjustment, and photographic compositions for Blogs, e-commerce, social pages or mobile apps.


The enthusiasm of the discovery is the real secret for any kind of teaching. To be expert is not enough, you first have to be in love with training.

I mainly teach to use Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, but I also use other tools, so, if there’s something you are more interested in, let’s talk together! I can follow single people or groups and I can do it in your company directly.
I can prepare courses customized on your needs, such as taking, managing and modifiying pictures for your e-commerce
and for your social network pages.


Logos, business cards, stationery, envelopes,  folders, signboards, and everything you may need to present your business in the best way.

Your visual identity is the very first impression for your potential clients, it’s the dress you wear, it’s your handshake! It shouldn’t be boring and impersonal, it has to dazzle and represent you to the best.
For example, on my logo there is my plush monkey to remind me that enthusiasm, curiosity and passion of childhood are the key of my approach to work. Which is your key?


One of the most rousing aspect to work as a freelance is the chance to co-build a net of professionals, each one with its excellence and different competence in order to cover a vast operative area.

I love to know people moved by same passion and attitude as mine, even if in different fields. Wondering of unexpected points of view, falling in love with brand new things, tempting by the creation of more and more completed projects: this is me!
My net include professionals of Audio/Video, Cartoon, Web, App development, Visual Merchandising, Copyright, Photography and many excellent suppliers, technical services, printers, studios and labs.

Do you want to clarify some doubts, deepen a specific theme or simply chat with me?