Here it is a brief selection of my works.
If you don’t find anything similar to your research, contact me: I might show you some other trials and examples or we can work together on an unpublished project.

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Illustration I'm old enough to remember when the CG illustration was built by giant squares like this; indeed I started with an Amiga500 and DeLuxe Paint. Drawing with pixels is a kind of meditation playing with...
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Ich Bic Cristal Vector Illustration T
 Illustration This is a personal project i make as a vector exercise and homage to the Bic® hystorical and archetypical piece of design. The illustration is all made by vectors, the only raster element is...
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Ich Auriga Branding T
Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration Born in 2008, Auriga provides buses and professional drivers for local transport shuttles, tours and transfers in Italy and abroad. In Ancient Rome, the Auriga was a slave whose duty...
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Ich Il Taccuino del Paleontologo T
Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design ©Gruppo Alcuni The Paleontologist's Notebook, inspired by the classic professor Jones Moleskine, is a children guide through the theme route of dinosaurs in the Talking Tree Park, set in Treviso. The route...
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Ich AeBricole Branding T
 Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design Quite close to Venice, AeBricołe is a venue where you can find the most typical features of a classic pub alongside some of the historical peculiarities of local tradition, such...