Pub Ae Bricołe

Pub Ae Bricołe

 Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design

Quite close to Venice, AeBricołe is a venue where you can find the most typical features of a classic pub alongside some of the historical peculiarities of local tradition, such as Venetian knick-knacks, characteristic pieces of forniture and decoration, etc.

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Special thanks to Giorgia Dacquino for the presentation shots.



The bricoła, or briccoła, is a framework made of two or more big wooden poles tied up together and sunk into the water in order to mark out water ways within the lagoon of Venice.

The same framework is called duc d’albe or dalben or dolphin in international sailors’ language.

Rows of bricołas are used in order to warn boats of the edge of the deepest part of the lagoon, where sailing is safe. Following their path, boats can avoid grounding on the shallows. 

The bricoła is different from the pałina, which is made of only one pole and is used as a mooring post.

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