HAVE A LOOK Works & Exercises


Here it is a brief selection of my works.
If you don’t find anything similar to your research, contact me: I might show you some other trials and examples or we can work together on an unpublished project.

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Ich PetPals Marco Polo's Code OST Booklet T
Art Direction, Graphic Design ©Gruppo Alcuni PetPals - The Marco Polo's Code, a co-production between Gruppo Alcuni and the Spanish company Edebè, has already been distributed in over 20 countries worldwide. In January 2010 it's been released in cinemas across...
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Ich Cuccioli: Il Libro segreto dei Cavalieri T
Art Direction, Graphic Design ©Gruppo Alcuni After the success of The Paleontologist's Notebook, another children guide through a fantasy theme route in the Talking Tree Park, set in Treviso, Veneto. Special thanks to Giorgia Dacquino for the presentation...
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Ich Mappa del Parco degli Alberi Parlanti T
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration ©Gruppo Alcuni. The Talking Tree Park, inaugurated in 2008 in a splendid green area situated just a few kilometers from the Treviso city centre, offers children and families the opportunity to...
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Ich Squaresystem™ T
Illustration, Graphic Design This is just a serie of customized mousepads with some of my friends' vector caricatures I did as a birthday's gift. Special thanks to Giorgia Dacquino for the presentation...
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Ich Nasty Boys T
Art Direction, Graphic Design The Nasty Boys is The Wildest Rock and Roll Tex Mex Western Saloon in Treviso. This is a serie of posters I did for some cools...
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Ich Talk Like a Pirate Day T
 Art Direction, Graphic Design, Party planning Quite close t' Venice, AeBricołe be a venue 'ere ye can find th' most typical features o' a classic pub alongside some o' th' historical peculiarities o' local tradition, such...